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All Charges Thrown Out – 22 In Total

The Criminal Defense team at Kenny, Burns & McGill is proud to announce the complete dismissal of every single charge connected to one of our clients – that’s 22 charges in total, all gone!

One chilly day in December, a man we’ll call Mr. George Clark had a very exciting evening. When all was said and done, he had been arrested and had 22 criminal charges lined up against him. The charges against Mr. Clark were as follows:

  • One count of Driving Under the Influence, first offense: specifically, driving with impaired ability to control the vehicle due to the use of controlled substances (first-degree misdemeanor);
  • One count of Illegal Operation of a vehicle Without an Ignition Interlock system, while also having a Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC) higher than 0.025%, first offense (third-degree misdemeanor);
  • One count of Fleeing or Attempting to Elude an Officer (third-degree felony);
  • One count of Careless Driving (summary traffic offense);
  • Five counts of violating the General Rules of Turning Movements and Required Signals: specifically, moving from lane to lane without use of the turn signals (summary traffic offenses);
  • One count of violating speed restrictions regarding Driving at a Safe Speed (summary traffic offense);
  • Four counts of Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer Without Lawful Authorization (third-degree felonies);
  • Four counts of Resisting Arrest (second-degree misdemeanor);
  • One count of Reckless Driving (summary traffic offense);
  • Two counts of failing to perform Duties at Stop Signs; specifically, not slowing to a complete stop before continuing through the intersection (summary traffic offenses); and
  • One count of Disorderly Conduct by Engaging in Fighting (third-degree misdemeanor).

In short, Mr. Clark’s evening left him with 10 summary traffic offenses, 2 third-degree misdemeanors, 4 second-degree misdemeanors, 1 first-degree misdemeanor, and 5 third-degree felonies. After spending the night in jail, Mr. Clark made a few phone calls and was able to post his hefty bail. He then went and hired a Criminal Defense Lawyer, but unfortunately, Mr. Clark wanted to be frugal with his legal aid after shelling out so much cash for his bail; he sorted through the bargain bin of lawyers and found one who claimed he could defend Mr. Clark for cheap.

Unsurprisingly, this cheap counsellor was completely subpar. He really had no idea how to help Mr. Clark, so despite being inexpensive, Mr. Clark was getting billed for being given useless advice. And that was only when the counsellor actually returned his calls; the attorney was difficult to contact and claimed he was “busy.”

When you are trying to get your legal affairs in order, every moment matters.

After a couple months of playing phone-tag with an inexperienced lawyer, Mr. Clark’s mother decided she had had enough. She convinced her son to fire the lagging attorney, and took it upon herself to find a good replacement. She quickly found the Criminal Defense Legal Firm Kenny, Burns & McGill, whose strong track record and years of experience made them a perfect fit to defend her son.

When Criminal Defense Lawyer Thomas D. Kenny was hired to defend Mr. Clark, DUI Attorney Kenny immediately dug into the facts of this case. Attorney Kenny quickly found details that didn’t add up, and he used his expansive legal knowledge and decades of experience with the criminal justice system to craft his findings into an airtight Motion to Dismiss All Charges. The judge agreed with Attorney Kenny’s findings, and dropped every one of Mr. Clark’s charges – all 22 of them!

This is a great outcome for someone who did not need to be behind bars.  If you have been charged with a DUI or have other legal troubles, call or text the skilled and experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers at Kenny, Burns & McGill today! (215) 423-5500

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