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Are You Going to be Arrested?

Perhaps nothing is more scary than the thought of being arrested. Police are arranged like an army and there are a lot of them. They investigate alleged crimes and arrest whoever they think might be involved, even if it’s not always true.

Police like to get confessions from people so that the case is easier to hand over to the District Attorney for prosecution. A lot of times, people think they should talk to the police and “give them my side of the story.” They believe the police will listen to them and help get through their trauma or go after the real bad guys who were involved. Unfortunately, that is simply wrong.

The police have a job to arrest people and help the District Attorney gain convictions. The police are not there to help the accused. In fact, part of the Miranda warnings which police are supposed to (but don’t always) tell people who are arrested is that you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…

Can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Not “might be used.” Not “may be used to support your side of the story.” Can and will be used against you.

If you are arrested, the only thing you should say is that you would like to speak with your lawyer. The police may try and convince you that you don’t need a lawyer or that “only guilty people need lawyers.”

Remember that the police only want you to start talking. That makes it easier for them to accuse you of a crime, regardless of whether you have done anything wrong.

There is only one person who has sworn an oath to protect the accused, and that is the Philadelphia Criminal Defense attorney.

Have the police stopped by your workplace looking to talk to you or arrest you? Call the Philadelphia Criminal Defense lawyer.

Have the police stopped by your family house to talk to you or arrest you? Call the Philadelphia Criminal Defense lawyer.

Have the police called you and said “we want to get your side of the story”. Call the Philadelphia Criminal Defense lawyer.

Nearly 25 years ago, Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer, Thomas D. Kenny swore an oath to become a lawyer. The oath of a lawyer is to defend the Pennsylvania and the United States Constitution.

Our duty is to zealously represent our clients within the confines of the Constitution. The key to that sentence is zealously.

Zealous means “filled with a strong and energetic desire to get something done and see something succeed.”

Attorney Kenny’s only job is to protect clients from harm. The police department’s only job is to arrest people. That is the difference. Period.

When you are in trouble, call or text us at (215) 423-5500. If you have been arrested or think you are going to be arrested, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has your best interests at heart.

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