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$215k Settlement for Car Accident Victim

The personal injury team at Kenny, Burns & McGill is thrilled to announce the successful negotiation of a $215,000 settlement for a client who was injured in a dangerous car crash.

Our client, who we’ll call Mr. Sal Rivera, was having a fairly typical Tuesday morning. He woke up, got ready for work, and made arrangements to be picked up by a ride-sharing service.

Once the car arrived, Mr. Rivera greeted the driver, got in, and relaxed. He had taken this trip many times before, and he began scrolling through his phone to keep busy. Mr. Rivera happened to glance up just in time to watch his driver blow straight through a stop sign without slowing down… and then another vehicle t-boned the car he was in, hard.

Immediately, Mr. Rivera was in excruciating pain. The pain was the worst in his neck, but it spread to his shoulder and radiated down his arm. Fortunately, an ambulance arrived quickly and the paramedics were able to transport him to a nearby hospital. Fearing a serious neck or back injury, the EMTs had to strap Mr. Rivera to a spinal board to immobilize him before they could move him.

Once at the hospital, those fears were confirmed; the accident had fractured several vertebrae in Mr. Rivera’s neck, and there was damage to his spinal cord underneath.

After two days – and a transfer to a hospital that was better equipped to deal with spinal injuries – Mr. Rivera was allowed to go home. Unable to return to work due to his painful neck injury, Mr. Rivera decided to call the highly experienced personal injury team at Kenny, Burns & McGill.

As soon as she heard Mr. Rivera’s story, Personal Injury Lawyer Eileen Burns jumped into action for her client. Having dealt with hundreds of personal injury cases over the decades, Attorney Burns knew exactly what to do.

It was obvious to Car Accident Lawyer Burns that this was a clear case of carelessness and negligence on the part of Mr. Rivera’s driver, so she quickly contacted that driver’s insurance company.

The insurance company reviewed the information Personal Injury Attorney Burns sent them, and the company initially offered to settle the case for $135,000. However, Attorney Burns knew that the shocking negligence displayed by the insured driver blasting through the stop sign, as well as the injuries Mr. Rivera incurred because of that negligence, warranted a larger settlement.

After much negotiation on behalf of her client, Attorney Burns received a new offer from the insurance company – they now wanted to settle for $180,000. But Personal Injury Lawyer Burns still wasn’t done, and she continued to argue Mr. Rivera’s case in order to get the best possible result for her client. Just hours later, the insurance company came back with another offer. This time, they said they would agree to close this case with a $215,000 settlement to Mr. Rivera!

This is a wonderful outcome for an individual who, through no fault of his own, was involved in a car crash that left him deeply injured. The money from this settlement will allow Mr. Rivera to pay his hospital bills, continue with further treatments and therapies, and also make up for some of the wages he lost during the time he was unable to work.

The personal injury team at Kenny, Burns & McGill has dealt with thousands of cases over the years, and they are consistently dedicated to getting great results for their clients. If you or a loved one has been injured, don’t suffer alone – call our highly talented personal injury lawyers today! (215) 423-5500

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