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Successful Bail Hearing at Philly CJC

Bail was set today for a client of Kenny, Burns & McGill who was arrested late Wednesday night for charges relating to an armed robbery with a firearm. Charges included “Person not to Possess Firearm as a Prior Convict” and “Robbery, Felony of the First Degree.”

The very next day, Attorney Tom Kenny walked into the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center and got to work on reducing his client’s bail and protecting his client’s rights.

The Commonwealth wanted the Court to set bail at $150,000. Kenny convinced the Court to accept $75,000, with only 10% ($7,500) due as cash to get out of jail, a very good result for such serious charges.

Kenny also got the gun charges reduced to  “Possession of an Instrument of Crime,” another great result, and all achieved within the first 24 hours.

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