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Drug Charges Dismissed

Sadly, drugs have taken a hold many of our loved ones, people get arrested for drugs every day. People’s lives are ruined over drugs and their abuse. Many who get arrested hope to get their drug charges dismissed. Delaware County ARD- Client was arrested in a car stop with her friend. Police after recovering what they believed to be thirty-eight blue glassine packets of powder stamped “Bomb” alleged Fentanyl (Schedule II controlled substance) and Ketamine (Schedule III controlled substance) in addition to three Suboxone packages containing a sublingual film took client into custody. The three packages turned out to be Buprenorphine (Another Schedule III controlled substance). Client hires Thomas D. Kenny, of Kenny, Burns & McGill to defend her. After exploring all the options available to her best criminal defense, Attorney Kenny is able to get her into the ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition) program which upon completion, client will escape the case without a conviction and can start anew. Drug charges dismissed. Philadelphia ARD- Client arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) Section 3802 of the Vehicle code (Title 75) and a Refusal to take a blood test as authorized under Section 1547 of the Vehicle code (Title 75). Client hired Thomas Kenny of Kenny, Burns & McGill to represent his interests. Attorney Kenny was able to get client into the ARD program preserving his perfect arrest record! Other Philadelphia results- Client was charged with Possession of Marijuana Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31; DUI General Impairment/Incapable of safe driving Title 75 Section 3802 subsection A1; DUI Controlled Substance or Metabolite Title 75 Section 3802 Subsection D1; and DUI Controlled Substance Impaired Ability Title 75 Section 3802 Subsection D2. Because of a fairly spotty prior record, client was facing 90 days of incarceration. Client hires Thomas D. Kenny of Kenny, Burns & McGill to defend him in these matters. Through hard work and dedication, Attorney Kenn is able to procure a house arrest sentence for client saving him from imprisonment. Also Attorney Kenny was able to get the drug charges dismissed. Client was facing charges for possession of a controlled substance Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A16. Client hired Thomas Kenny of Kenny, Burns & McGill to represent her in the Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice. Attorney Kenny was able to get the charges entirely thrown out (dismissed). Great result client can move on with her life in a positive direction. Drug charges dismissed. Client gets charged by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for allegations of child abuse. Oftentimes as a prelude to police agencies charging someone with a crime, DHS or CYS, indicates child abuse and administrative proceedings ensue. Client hires Thomas Kenny of Kenny, Burns & McGill to help defend him from these spurious charges. Attorney Kenny investigates and determines that the report is unfounded stemming from an underlying custody dispute. Attorney Kenny works hard to clear the clients name. Attorney Kenny appeals the finding and the appeal is SUSTAINED and the indicated report of child abuse gets expunged, meaning the client gets his record wiped clean. The Child Protective Services Agency bears the burden of proof that an indicated report of child abuse is supported by substantial evidence and is being maintained in a manner consistent with the Child Protective Services Law. See Bucks County Children & Youth Social Services Agency vs. Department of Public Welfare, 808 A.2d 990, 993 (Pa. Commw. Ct. 2002); see also 55 Pa. Code Section 3490.106a(g). Bucks County results- Client gets arrested for multiple charges: DUI General Impairment/Incapable of Safe Driving Title 75 Section 3802 Subsection A1; DUI Controlled Substance-Impaired Ability Title 75 Section 3802 Subsection D2; DUI Controlled Substance-Combination Alcohol/Drugs Title 75 Section 3802 Subsection D3; Marijuana possession small amount Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31; Use or possession of drug paraphernalia Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A32; Driving While operator privilege suspended or revoked Title 75 Section 1543 Subsection A; Careless Driving Title 75 Section 3714 Subsection A; and Obedience to Traffic-Control Devices Title 75 Section 3111 Subsection A. Client gets unsecured bail in March 24, 2019 but never shows up for court. In the meantime, client gets into trouble in neighboring New Jersey and gets locked up by the New Jersey State Police on his Pennsylvania Warrant. Client’s girlfriend hires Thomas Kenny of Kenny, Burns & McGill to help represent him. Attorney Kenny is able to get the warrant rescinded and the bail to be reset and client is able to go home after the misunderstanding is cleared up. To learn more about the problems of drug abuse in our country please see the link below. Thank you. NIDA. (2018, June 6). Understanding Drug Use and Addiction. Retrieved from on 2019, October 13

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