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Four play- four clients go home

Four play-four clients go home. When clients go to jail it is the hardest thing for the client and his or her loved ones. Relationships end, homes and jobs are lost sometimes forever. Being forced to live in a less than desirable place and having someone tell you what to do all day is just Read More

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50 pounds marijuana dismissed

50 pounds marijuana dismissed. That is a lot of weed. The claims made from the affidavit of probable cause indicate a Pennsylvania State Trooper (PSP) sees an out of state license (Florida) rental truck going 73 mph in a 65 mph zone and initiates a traffic stop. Two men are located in the truck. The Read More

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Philadelphia DUI Dismissed

Another day, another legal victory: this time, we were able to have an entire case dismissed for a client with Philadelphia DUI charges. Here’s a breakdown of what happened: police arrived at the scene of a traffic accident in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia. They observed one car which had been rear-ended, and another Read More

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Aggravated Assault Gun charges dismissed

Aggravated Assault gun charges dismissed. This post is about two separate clients and their great case results. First a client is arrested on the streets of Philadelphia carrying an unloaded firearm. Second a client is charged with an Aggravated Assault charge graded as a Felony First degree and related misdemeanor charges. The assault charges stemmed Read More

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Deadly weapon enhancement denied

Deadly weapon enhancement denied. Client was arrested along with a co- conspirator after an undercover police investigation utilizing consensual wiretaps. Client was charged in Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania with Two counts of Possession with Intent to Distribute 455 grams of Methamphetamine, Conspiracy to Commit Possession with Intent to Deliver 455 grams of Methamphetamine, unlawful use Read More

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Charges withdrawn Bucks County

Charges withdrawn Bucks county. Client had a drug problem. Client was arrested with another person where Police claimed they were breaking into cars and stealing items. In addition, Client was also charged with drug possession. The list of charges were lengthy: two counts of theft from motor vehicle, conspiracy to commit theft from a motor Read More

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Car stops in PA

Car stops in PA. Its the middle of the night and you are lost. You start to make sudden turns and stops looking for your way home. Police pull over your car and ask you what’s going on. What do you do? Maybe a friend smoked some weed in your car and now the officer Read More

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Detainer Lifted Montgomery County

Detainer Lifted Montgomery County. On a late Friday night, Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer Thomas D. Kenny CEO/President of Kenny, Burns McGill was having a business dinner to discuss new business ventures with an old client. Suddenly a call comes in from a new client. Client is frantic and crying hysterically. It seems she is on Read More

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Burglary gun discharged

Burglary gun discharged. Client was notified by the police that he was wanted for burglary and gun charges related to an alleged incident with a family member over a social media post. To further complicate things, client was on state parole and an arrest would likely cause a detainer to be dropped and client to Read More

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Dismissal case and bail hearing

Dismissal case and bail hearing. Busy day at Kenny, Burns & McGill. Client is charged with simple assault and recklessly endangering another person in Philadelphia. The case is at the Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice at 1301 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Charges stem from a domestic incident between boyfriend and girlfriend. Read More

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Recent Verdicts
  • Settlement Reached in Philadelphia Amtrak Accident

    In 2015, a speeding Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia, leaving eight dead and hundreds injured. One victim hired our firm to handle her personal injury claims, and attorney Thomas Kenny was among the first to reach a settlement with Amtrak. READ MORE

  • Federal Probation Terminated–Without a Hearing

    Our client, who was sentenced to several years in federal prison and three years of probation, has been completely released from supervision after our firm filed a successful motion in federal court. The judge granted our motion without even scheduling a hearing and our client walked free.

  • Zoning Board Appeal Granted in Philadelphia

    Our firm successfully lodged an appeal with the Zoning Board of Adjustment in Philadelphia. After our firm presented the project at a local community meeting, worked with the architect to showcase the merits of the proposed structure, and publicly fought the case before the Zoning Board, our client is now permitted to begin construction. READ MORE