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Illegally Detained Client is Released from Jail

Every law firm likes to celebrate big victories, whether it’s obtaining a large settlement or preventing someone from receiving a sentence which far outweighs the crime. Today, we get to celebrate the most exciting type of victory: securing a client’s release from jail, where he has been illegally detained for weeks. This particular gentleman (we’ll Read More

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Emergency Motion for Parole Granted

Coronavirus has presented a special set of challenges for legal systems and prisons throughout the country and the world. Many of the legal procedures we have relied on in the past to advocate for our clients have been temporarily suspended in the interest of keeping courts closed and preventing the spread of coronavirus. Of course, Read More

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Detainer Motion Granted During Shutdown

As we are all painfully aware, the coronavirus has arrived and has slowed down operations and businesses throughout the country. However, the coronavirus has not slowed down our attorneys, who wrote, filed, argued, and, just this afternoon, WON an Emergency Detainer Motion on behalf of one of our clients incarcerated at Philadelphia’s Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility Read More

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Legal Consultations During Coronavirus Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has arrived, bringing with it a host of non-health related consequences, including the potential for massive legal and economic issues. While many courts have closed their doors to hearings and other formal proceedings, lawsuits and other emergency actions can still be filed. Criminal cases, Protection From Abuse (PFA) cases, bankruptcy proceedings, tax Read More

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Arbitration Victory in Philadelphia

Arbitration may be an unfamiliar word to most people, but if you have ever been involved in a lawsuit in Philadelphia, you may have some idea what it entails. In one of our most recent cases, our client sued the defendant (her neighbor) for attacking her with a garden trowel. Our client ultimately needed stitches Read More

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Murder Charges Downgraded; No Life Sentence

At Kenny, Burns & McGill, we are proud to stand up for our clients’ constitutional rights, even if they have been accused of terrible crimes, including murder. Every defendant has a family who cares about them. Every defendant is a person who, even if they have made an awful mistake, deserves punishment that fits the Read More

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Assault Victim Receives $200,000 Settlement

The family of a young man has finally been provided with some closure after Kenny, Burns & McGill negotiated a large settlement in their claims on behalf of their son, an assault victim whose life was tragically taken in 2016. The 25 year-old, whose name is withheld for confidentiality, was killed outside a popular bar Read More

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Not Guilty!

Our client, a manager of a local business, was arrested on charges of simple assault and recklessly endangering another person when a co-worker’s alleged that our client injured her. Our client promptly hired Thomas Kenny of Kenny, Burns & McGill to represent her in relation to the criminal charges. Our client, a business professional, wanted Read More

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Resisting Arrest Dismissed in Philadelphia

A criminal justice client in Philadelphia can rest easier tonight, after Kenny, Burns & McGill was able to have his charge of resisting arrest dismissed. By the time our client’s case made it to the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, he was only facing a single charge of resisting arrest. Why? Our attorneys had already Read More

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Real Estate Partition Granted in Philadelphia

What is a partition, and why does it matter? When co owners hold title to property together and they have a disagreement over how to sell or dispose of the property, the only way to lawfully resolve the dispute is to file a partition action. Our client previously purchased a house with her boyfriend and Read More

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Recent Verdicts
  • Settlement Reached in Philadelphia Amtrak Accident

    In 2015, a speeding Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia, leaving eight dead and hundreds injured. One victim hired our firm to handle her personal injury claims, and attorney Thomas Kenny was among the first to reach a settlement with Amtrak. READ MORE

  • Federal Probation Terminated–Without a Hearing

    Our client, who was sentenced to several years in federal prison and three years of probation, has been completely released from supervision after our firm filed a successful motion in federal court. The judge granted our motion without even scheduling a hearing and our client walked free.

  • Zoning Board Appeal Granted in Philadelphia

    Our firm successfully lodged an appeal with the Zoning Board of Adjustment in Philadelphia. After our firm presented the project at a local community meeting, worked with the architect to showcase the merits of the proposed structure, and publicly fought the case before the Zoning Board, our client is now permitted to begin construction. READ MORE